Displays and Stands

One area in which NorWest has developed significant expertise is that of displays and stands. Portable displays are created for events such as conferences and exhibitions. For example,  clients like Global Medics use high impact stands for lead generation for their Cuff fIrst gloves.

Temporary display pieces may also form part of events like Big Boys Toys and Home Show stands, using items such as the giant wooden building blocks we designed, printed and had made for Makita’s 100 year centenary.

We have also designed a number of permanent displays such as The Albany Centre Display Centre, the Nugent Street apartments information centre and the Mercy Hospice History Wall which need to be self-explanatory whilst providing interesting information and graphics.

In all cases our priority is to create stands that ‘stop the traffic’, welcoming people into a stand or display centre to allow clients to educate consumers about their services or products. 

NorWest display work includes:

  • The big idea and how to build it

  • Contents e.g. all research, all copy and word/picture content

  • Design and artwork

  • Printing/construction/manufacturer

  • Installation

Mercy Hospice History Wall

Telling their story

Cuff First Display

Giant glove achieves high impact

Nugent Display Suite

Display Suite for Apartment PreSales

Makita 100 years Exhibit

Building blocks the ideal display piece