NorWest provides a comprehensive range of flexible web-based solutions to meet all your website and social media needs. 


  • Full web design - Development of the overall web design to reflect your brand and type of business - e.g. Sinewave

  • Visual content - Unique graphics, icons and animation to reflect your unique story  - e.g. Sinewave, The Neil Group

  • Copy content - Compelling, web-optimised copy to 'populate' your new website - e.g. KiwiCan, SustainEnable

  • Content Management -Content management on an ongoing basis - updating and refreshing of content, graphics, pages and more to maintain your search engine presence - e.g. The Neil Group

  • NEW Content-Ed - Our new service focuses on writing and updating content, such as news posts, latest case studies, testimonials, new product releases and other stories. This can be provided on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for an agreed monthly fee.

  • Video content - product demonstrations, new products at work, event coverage, television commercial cut downs....

Sinewave Website

Interesting new brand style website

Sustain and Enable Web Content

Bringing your company to life

KiwiCan Content

Informative web content