Brochures and Information Pieces

Over the years NorWest has designed, written and produced brochures of all kinds, sizes, styles and budgets, from simple DL handouts which provide a summary of a business’s products or services, to high quality, perfect-bound coffee table style brochures which build and cement brand imagery and values.

Even in the digitable age, there is still a significant demand for printed brochures and information pieces, supported by emailable  and web versions.

Brochures may often need to be created in series and this involves the development of strongly branded templates into which we can then input relevant information whilst maintaining the client’s brand look and feel.

Brochure services include:-

  • Concepts and visuals
  • Design and artwork
  • Copywriting and background information
  • Template development for ongoing use
  • Retouching, e.g NZ Bloodstock
  • Photography, e.g. some of th Espies photographs
  • Illustrations, diagrams and other specialised elements
  • Printing and press passing
  • Attractive outers for added impact, e.g. NZ Bloodstock

The four examples included here are a small selection of the huge range of brochures we have developed, supported by emailable and web-formatted versions.

BNI Norwest

Information piece

Mercy Hospice 10 2016

Successful fundraising catalogue and other collateral

NZ Bloodstock Yearling Sales

Brand theme, brochure and other collateral

Espies Brochure

A Perfect Fit